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Spring C-notation

In a previous post, I talked about¬†Spring P-notation. ¬†In this blog post, I will give an example of the Spring C-notation for constructor arguments. The C-notation namespace needs to be added to your configuration file. All that is left is … Continue reading

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Spring P-notation

Spring P-notation was made to make creating spring config files a little neater and shorter. Here is what a typical file would look like. Here is what it looks like once the P-notation is used.

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How to run a JUnit test multiple times

I had a Spring-enabled JUnit test that I needed to run multiple times. I thought there used to be a JUnit annotation, but I couldn’t find it. I found and used the Spring @Repeat annotation. I used to set breakpoints … Continue reading

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Cucumber Spring Integration

I have a normal Spring-enabled project arranged as a Maven project. There were already JUnit tests in the project, along with the requisite Spring configuration. I needed to add Cucumber tests to the project. I started by adding a cucumber … Continue reading

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Injecting value from Spring Properties in Java

This is so easy, but I rarely use it and always forget how to use it. This is how you define a properties: The contents of the properties file is: To inject it into a class:

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Mocking Spring Security Principal for testing Spring MVC Controllers

How do you mock a Spring security principal for testing spring MVC controllers? Create a spring security principal Create a spring authentication Add the spring security authentication to the security context The last step should not be needed because MockMVC … Continue reading

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Testing Spring MVC Rest controllers

Spring MVC 3.2 introduced the ability to test controllers via MockMVC. In this example, we will test a controller that returns JSON via @ResponseBody. Here are the dependencies that you will need. This is an example of the spring context. … Continue reading

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Get the active Spring profiles

Inject the Environment object The Environment object has getActiveProfiles that returns an array of active profiles. To get the first active profile, do…

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Creating a list of strings in your Spring context

A friend of mine had to use this and I thought it was something worth remembering. He injected them with SpEl

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Expected exceptions in Junit

I had seen annotating a test class with @Test(expected = Exception.class) to test for exceptions before. In this case, we needed to test for Exception and the message was made the difference. This can be accomplished by @Rule

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