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Maven system scope

Every once in a while, you have a library that isn’t in a repository and shouldn’t be there for some reason. We had such a library. How do you use that library when it is on your local system instead … Continue reading

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Maven generated MANIFEST.MF contains unique snapshot name instead of -SNAPSHOT.jar

We were given a project that built a custom server. They had the need to deploy the code and the dependencies. The dependencies were placed in /lib via the maven-dependency-plugin. They were generating the MANIFEST.MF via the maven-jar-plugin. The problem … Continue reading

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Mirroring Maven Dependencies

The benefit of having a local Maven repository is that only one developer suffers the delay of the network traffic requests to repo1. If you have a local maven repository and your developers have mirrors setup in their settings.xml

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How to see what Maven dependencies have newer versions

The output is useful, but you still need to interpret it. In this case, there is a beta library that is suggested. Not. In this case, a library with a version number that doesn’t follow the normal version patters is … Continue reading

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Include JSP resources from another webapp

The servlet 3.0 spec defines a way to share webapp resources via a dependent jar (See Servlet 3.0 spec, section 10.5) If you have a Maven dependency that is a jar, you can package resources and have them available to … Continue reading

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AmazonWS and Spring

We had an existing web application that needed to handle images being stored in AmazonWS. Here is what I needed to do to add the new functionality. Add the AmazonWS Maven dependency Create the files that contain the AmazonWS credentials. … Continue reading

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Tired of Maven plugins running all the time?

Updated on 2013/08/22 I added the maven-source-plugin and the maven-javadoc-plugin to my projects. Great idea, but building the source and javadoc jar every time was increasing my build times. The solution is to specify a phase, then it will only … Continue reading

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Ant Maven tasks

I had to update an Ant script that used Maven for artifact resolution. It had been working because the Maven settings.xml file for the build agent had been modified. When the agents were updated, the customizations were lost. To fix … Continue reading

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Maven-ear-plugin and bundleFileName

I never really understood the use of the bundleFileName in the maven-ear-plugin. Who looks inside the .ear anyway. Well, there is a reason it is there. I had to set the finalName property in the build section of several Maven … Continue reading

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Adding an artifact bundle to Artifactory

You would think that this would be terribly easy, but it isn’t. It took several attempts before I figured out what they wanted. Too bad their contextual help doesn’t give you the details. Select the “Deploy” tab from the top, … Continue reading

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