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Maven system scope

Every once in a while, you have a library that isn’t in a repository and shouldn’t be there for some reason. We had such a library. How do you use that library when it is on your local system instead … Continue reading

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Maven generated MANIFEST.MF contains unique snapshot name instead of -SNAPSHOT.jar

We were given a project that built a custom server. They had the need to deploy the code and the dependencies. The dependencies were placed in /lib via the maven-dependency-plugin. They were generating the MANIFEST.MF via the maven-jar-plugin. The problem … Continue reading

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Mirroring Maven Dependencies

The benefit of having a local Maven repository is that only one developer suffers the delay of the network traffic requests to repo1. If you have a local maven repository and your developers have mirrors setup in their settings.xml

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How to see what Maven dependencies have newer versions

The output is useful, but you still need to interpret it. In this case, there is a beta library that is suggested. Not. In this case, a library with a version number that doesn’t follow the normal version patters is … Continue reading

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Include JSP resources from another webapp

The servlet 3.0 spec defines a way to share webapp resources via a dependent jar (See Servlet 3.0 spec, section 10.5) If you have a Maven dependency that is a jar, you can package resources and have them available to … Continue reading

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AmazonWS and Spring

We had an existing web application that needed to handle images being stored in AmazonWS. Here is what I needed to do to add the new functionality. Add the AmazonWS Maven dependency Create the files that contain the AmazonWS credentials. … Continue reading

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Tired of Maven plugins running all the time?

Updated on 2013/08/22 I added the maven-source-plugin and the maven-javadoc-plugin to my projects. Great idea, but building the source and javadoc jar every time was increasing my build times. The solution is to specify a phase, then it will only … Continue reading

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