Jpa 2.0 performing a count on a query with joins

The Ninja's Apprentice

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. Here is an interesting one. I recently had to modify old code. They were using jpa 2.0 in more of a 1.0 syntax. There was a very complex query with joins used for searching. There was pagination, sort of. They were not returning the total record count. So I decided to do a count on the same query as a happy medium until we can upgrade to a newer way of doing things.

I tried using the same query and predicates to do the count. I tried following several examples from stack overflows and forums. But, all the examples were with simple queries that did not do joins.

The biggest thing here is that I had to use different query objects and different predicate objects, while using the same root when creating the count predicates and the count query. It appears that query.from()…

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