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When the Spring Security Principal isn’t enough in a Spring MVC Controller

I had previously made a blog entry to retrieve the spring security principal via @AuthenticationPrincipal in a controller method. Getting the Spring Security Principal in a Spring MVC Controller method. That is useful if you need the username or the … Continue reading

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Mocking Spring Security Principal for testing Spring MVC Controllers

How do you mock a Spring security principal for testing spring MVC controllers? Create a spring security principal Create a spring authentication Add the spring security authentication to the security context The last step should not be needed because MockMVC … Continue reading

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Testing Spring MVC Rest controllers

Spring MVC 3.2 introduced the ability to test controllers via MockMVC. In this example, we will test a controller that returns JSON via @ResponseBody. Here are the dependencies that you will need. This is an example of the spring context. … Continue reading

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Velocity templating notes

The documentation is here An if statement looks like this An if-elseif-else looks like this A for loop looks like Values can be output by ${…} or $… There is a particular case where the ${…} notation should be … Continue reading

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How to get the absolute file path of a file loaded with a class loader

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Joda getting a date without a time (midnight)

LocalDate localDate = new LocalDate(); localDate.toDateTimeAtStartOfDay();

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Get the active Spring profiles

Inject the Environment object The Environment object has getActiveProfiles that returns an array of active profiles. To get the first active profile, do…

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