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How to use Spring properties values in a jsp

I had a property value that contained the host of the server that I was going to be deployed on. There was more to it, because there were profiles, etc, but that is the gist of it. There is a … Continue reading

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Include JSP resources from another webapp

The servlet 3.0 spec defines a way to share webapp resources via a dependent jar (See Servlet 3.0 spec, section 10.5) If you have a Maven dependency that is a jar, you can package resources and have them available to … Continue reading

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Getting the Spring Security Principal in a Spring MVC Controller method

You will need to create a Spring configuration class and annotate it with @EnableWebMvcSecurity The documentation then says to add a method parameter to a Spring MVC controller method with @AuthenticationPrincipal and you are done, like the following: What they … Continue reading

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