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Ant Maven tasks

I had to update an Ant script that used Maven for artifact resolution. It had been working because the Maven settings.xml file for the build agent had been modified. When the agents were updated, the customizations were lost. To fix … Continue reading

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Maven-ear-plugin and bundleFileName

I never really understood the use of the bundleFileName in the maven-ear-plugin. Who looks inside the .ear anyway. Well, there is a reason it is there. I had to set the finalName property in the build section of several Maven … Continue reading

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Adding an artifact bundle to Artifactory

You would think that this would be terribly easy, but it isn’t. It took several attempts before I figured out what they wanted. Too bad their contextual help doesn’t give you the details. Select the “Deploy” tab from the top, … Continue reading

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Maven skinny wars

EJB MODULES EJB modules are just like normal, but they also have an manifest section: manifest – this section is responsible for generating the manifest file and adding the classpath entries WEB MODULES Do everything like you normally would, except … Continue reading

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