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Marshalling an object without @XmlRootElement

You would normally marshall an object to it’s XML String form by something similar to: This assumes that the object is annotated with @XmlRootElement. If it is not, then you have to create a root element for it, by something … Continue reading

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Spring 3.1 Caching abstraction with Ehcache

The premise is simple enough. Add @Cacheable to a method that I want cached. Add the name of the cache to my existing ehcache.xml file, paste the three lines that they give you into my applicationContext.xml and away you go. … Continue reading

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Maven works great and solves lots of conflicting API problems for you.  The one case when it can’t help and usually hurts is when APIs change groupId or artifactId.  I recently had a case where I needed a CXF generated … Continue reading

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